ChoomChoom is a unique combination of a rhythm dance game with social media that caught the attention of thousands of users around the world. Choose songs and styles from the best choreographers, see and learn from their stories and dance for points against yourself, your friends, or the world. Have a bursting idea? Then make your own! Share your dances and inspire more people to groove with us. Together, we make exercise fun for everyone.


An interactive story game with a movie-like feel - Experience an epic tale based in the chaotic Russian Far East in the early 20th century in a unique dramatic production from MazM - Explore Russian streets of the time and meet intriguing characters. 

Discover historical trivia that you can only find with MazM - “MazM: Pechka” is steeped in fascinating history. - Collect historical “footnotes” while making your way through the story. - Learn about the historical events that led to the Russian Far East descending into chaos.


StudioCoin is a developer that makes VR/AR education programs. StudioCoin's flagship product, ForumVR is a collaborative learning VR game where team members consisting of an experiencer and 5-10 participants join through conversation and discussion. At the end of the game experience, the children get together to organize and express their thoughts on each topic. ForumVR is a game that has won Korea's education minister award twice and is trying to distribute it to public institutions such as libraries and schools.


Released as the world’s first virtual reality job training game for students with special needs.


Brush Monster is the world's first brush guide with augmented reality (AR). Brushing your teeth following the brush guide on your face.

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