14 July 2020
1:30 – 2:00 pm EST
Make daily tasks into something fun - w/ ChoomChoom

The ”Pack your shoes the night before” is old. Meet ChoomChoom and find out how we use technology to introduce people to exercise and dance.
How can AR help kids brushing better?

Brush Monster is the first-ever Augmented Reality guided brushing education kit that fosters kids to love toothbrushing - with an added benefit of forming ideal brushing habits from the very first time. It is based on the 5 modern IT technologies to make kids grow up by themselves. It gives the magical change with smart toothbrush and mobile application.
4:30 – 5:00 pm EST
 Discussion Program Based on Multi-Participatory VR - ForumVR

Introduce a new program that combines multi-participating VR games and discussions. one person wears VR gear and enter the story, and the rest uses the pad to create a story together. Children learn important values while playing like a game in a fun VR experience. At the end of the experience, the children get together to organize and express their thoughts on each topic.
 Introducing world’s 1st and best job training game for the students with special needs

‘Virtual Barista’ provides 11 learning activities, 3 gameplay modes, 3 different game themes and more to satisfy both educational needs and fun with rich content.
 When used in learning activities through educational guidance, virtual baristas can proceed to a total of 15 learning courses, which can be conducted for 4 months (1 semester)
 Game based story fulfillment service
 “MazM: Pechka” is a storytelling game to learn history.

A presentation about the experience of literary works through games based on classical literature to young generations who do not read well. Furthermore, the speaker would like to present how the game can effectively deliver educational information through a story game that contains historical information. The effectiveness of MazM's approach to providing various learning contents such as literature, history, and science through narrative-based games will be introduced.

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